Consultation– Before setting up or making major changes to your spa, outdoor pool, or project a second set of eyes or a different perspective can save you valuable time and money down the road.

Design– Once you know what kind of spa, outdoor pool or project you would like to create We can draft a design to be sure everything works how it was intended,  fits into the space provided, and is easy to access before any equipment is purchased or labour wasted from doing thing the wrong way.

Construction– Custom patios, retaining walls, gazebos, and more! If you can dream it up, chances are We can help make it a reality.

Installation– Spas, outdoor pools, or accessories, We can set up almost anything spa or outdoor pool-related from start to finish, set up a device you may be unfamiliar with, or assist with anything large, heavy, or delicate that need a second set of hands and eyes

Maintenance–  Water testing, water changing, inspections, and filter cleaning, are just some of the maintenance services We offer.

Holiday care– When you are away from home We can care for your Spa or outdoor pool.  We offer everything from daily maintenance to simple check in’s.

System Relocation– If you have to move your spa or outdoor pool We can help offer advice, labor and equipment to help make your transfer faster, easier, and less stressful.

Emergency care– You can never know if it will happen, but when disaster strikes We can help minimize your losses this Service is available 24/7/365 please us the contact form

Services range in cost from $50-575 per hour. Hourly services are billed by the quarter hour. Please contact me for a exact quote.